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Open letter to the East Precinct community

On Halloween night and in the days that have followed, you have shown your support of the Seattle Police Department, in particular the men and women of the East Precinct, in countless ways. 

You visited the vigil site on 29th Avenue, called and sent letters of sympathy and encouragement to the precinct, delivered food, coffee and flowers, offered space for gatherings, followed the media coverage of the investigation, phoned in numerous tips, watched or attended the Space Needle flag raising, procession and memorial service and breathed a collective sigh of relief after the arrest in Tukwila.

As Chief Diaz mentioned several times following Halloween weekend, our Officers continued to provide quality public safety services during very difficult times.  They were bolstered by all of your actions, thoughts and kind words. 

Something that is mentioned at nearly every community meeting, block-watch gathering and Precinct Advisory Council is the fact that we need your eyes and ears to help keep our community safe.  What isn’t mentioned as often is that we also need your support during difficult times.  The murder of Officer Tim Brenton was one of those times.  You came forward with that support for which “thank you” seems inadequate.

We look forward to continuing our partnership in making the neighborhoods and business districts of the East Precinct safe.

Thank you,

John Diaz
Interim Chief of Police

Captain Jim Dermody
East Precinct Commander