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Armed robbery suspects at large

On 11/22/09, at approximately 1:50 a.m., officers responded to a call of men with guns outside a motel in the 2200 block of Aurora Ave N.  These males had reportedly assaulted one person and were trying to gain entry to the caller’s room. 

When officers arrived, there were no signs of the males, and the caller led officers to the victim.  The victim reported that he had been in his room with the caller and his girlfriend and had walked outside to have a smoke.  As he walked down the stairs, he heard someone say, “There’s one of them” and was then confronted by at least two males, one of whom had a handgun. 

He was grabbed by the male with the gun, and was struck several times with the weapon.  He believes that he was also pepper sprayed. The victim was then robbed of his personally owned gun (he has a CCW), 2 Magazines, his wallet, cell phone & keys. The victim said that he managed to get back to the room of his friend, and then heard a knock at the door.  It was the suspects, who attempted to gain entry to the room but were not successful.

The victims could not provide a suspect(s) description.