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Victim too drunk to ID suspect in robbery

On January 8th at approximately 11:00 p.m. the victim had finished working at a sandwich shop in the 400 block of Cedar Street. 

His bus did not get there until 3:00 a.m.  The victim consumed “6 beers” while waiting inside the shop.  After leaving the shop and heading toward the bus stop at 4th and Cedar, he was confronted by a male wearing a red hat. 

The suspect demanded money from the victim.   The victim said there was another male behind the first one.  When the victim said he did not have any money, the first suspect punched him in the right eye, knocking him on the ground.

This suspect then went through the victim’s pockets.  The victim said he tossed the keys to the shop away from the suspect. Nothing was taken from the victim.  

Officers arrived and located a group of five young males at a lot across the street.  One individual had a red hat on. 

The victim was taken to the lot in an attempt to ID the suspect however, he could not positively identify the possible suspect as the victim was too intoxicated to be 100 percent sure.