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Assault downtown, apparent self-defense

On March 31st, at approximately 6:35 AM, West Precinct officers responded to a 911 call of a stabbing in the 500 Block of 3rd Avenue.  Officers arrived with Seattle Fire and located a 27 year old male with a stab wound to his stomach.  The male was treated at the scene by SFD and then transported to Harborview Medical Center for a non life-threatening injury.  Witnesses told officers that the person responsible for the stabbing may have entered a building on that block.  Officers located a 54 year old male who told them that he was involved.  He was arrested and taken to the West Precinct for an interview.  At the precinct, the man told officers what had occurred prior to the 911 call.

The 54 year man told investigators that he was walking to a newspaper box in the 700 Block of 3rd Avenue to purchase a paper.  The younger man approached him and asked him for some money.  The older man refused to give him any money and walked away.  There may have been a verbal altercation between the two men during this encounter.  The younger man then proceeded to follow the older gentlemen for approximately two blocks, calling him names, demanding money, and taking a swing at the victim  at least twice.  When the two had reached the 500 Block of 3rd Avenue, the victim told the suspect to leave him alone or he would use a knife to defend himself.  The suspect continued to harass the victim and swing at the victim for a third time.  The victim, fearing for his safety, stabbed the suspect once in the stomach causing the non life-threatening injury.  A witness on the street told officers that the suspect was following the victim down the street.  The suspect’s version of events is slightly different from that of the victim’s, but admits to demanding money and following the victim for two blocks.  The victim was interviewed and released from the precinct.  The suspect was still at the hospital receiving treatment for his injury.  Charges will be requested for the suspect.