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Officers shoot, kill dog in Columbia City

On April 25th just before midnight, two South Precinct bicycle officers were contacting several people in an alley behind a tavern (4900 Block Rainier Ave. South) when an intoxicated male approached them and began interferring with their investigation.  At one point the suspect grabbed one of the officer’s bike in an attempt to distract them.  When the officer responded toward the suspect, who is described as 6’06”, 300 pounds, took up a fighting stance and said, “Let’s fight!”  Officers immediately ordered the suspect to the ground.  He refused, and thrust his hands into his pockets.  The officer then attempted to use pepper spray on the suspect and take him into custody.  The suspect was able to shake off the officer and run up a flight of stairs into an apartment.  The officers requested additional officers respond to the scene.  At that point, the officers were still out with the four individuals in the alley.  They made the decision to release those individuals and began to move toward the stairs.  At that point, the suspect began throwing metal items at them from above, nearly striking the officers and people below.  The officers approached the suspect’s apartment to where they could hear a dog barking/growling on the other side of the door.  The officers announced their presence and told the suspect to secure his dog.  The suspect then sent the dog into the hallway at the officers.  The dog subsequently retreated back into the apartment and the officers told the suspect to secure the dog yet again.  At that point the officers heard the suspect tell the dog to “get ’em!” and the dog charged them.  One of the officers was not able to retreat any further due to the size of the landing.  When the dog got close enough to bite him, the officer had no other option but to fire two shots at the dog, killing it.   The officers then ordered the suspect onto the ground.  The suspect refused and was tased by one of the officers.  The suspect was then taken into custody.  The suspect was later taken to Harborview Medical Center for evaluation due to his intoxication.  The 42 year old suspect will be booked later into the King County Jail for Investigation of Assault and Investigation of Harassment.  Animal Control took custody of the deceased dog.