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Shots Fired

On 5/2/10, at approximately 1:30 a.m., officers were monitoring an ongoing party at a party hall in the 4200 block of  Rainier Ave S when multiple shots rang out from the middle of the lot.  The shooter wasn’t observed and  75+ people  scattered from the lot while other people exited from inside the party hall.

As officers arrived on scene other shots were heard just east of the address.  Officers stopped several persons who were fleeing from the area of these shots, but no pertinent information was gathered on the shooter.  No casings, property damage, or victims were found.   

Officers found that the hall had been rented for a private party.  The attendees were invited, but within an hour the party was crashed by dozens of others.  There were 7  Security Guards working the event. 

Officers brought 3 individuals back to the precinct, but they were later released.