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Shots fired at bar closing

On 5/2/10, at approximately 1:45 a.m., officers were in the Belltown Entertainment District for bar close, when they heard one shot to the north of 1st Ave/Bell St.  The officers saw people scattering from the area of a parking lot on the east side of the street in the 2300 block of 1st Ave. 

While conducting a check of the lot, they located a single bullet that appeared to have been fired straight into the ground.  It was right next to a vehicle that was occupied by three males. 

The driver of that vehicle, who was the sole sober occupant said that there had been a disturbance in the parking lot.  He said that one of the involved individuals moved to the area next to his vehicle, and discharged a single round from a dark colored semi-auto pistol.  That subject then fled on foot.  

Officers secured a consent to search their vehicle, but found nothing, weapon or otherwise, to indicate that they had been involved.   

No victim or property damage was found.