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Strong Arm Robbery-Arrest

On 5/1/10, at approximately 11:30 p.m., officers responded to a report of a strong arm robbery at 4th Av and Pine St., in which 5  males assaulted the victim and stole his wallet and shoes. 

Three of the suspects were located and detained (one after a brief foot pursuit.)  They were subsequently identified by a witness and were arrested.  A likely fourth suspect was also detained, but the witness was unsure as to whether he was involved, so he was identified and released.

During the investigation, the victim became uncooperative and refused to continue his cooperation.  Prior to that, however, he told the officers that he and his cousin were in Seattle from SeaTac and Kent but did not give a reason.  He said that the group of males approached them and asked where they were from.  He said that they continued to walk away, but that the group jumped them and took his wallet and shoes. 

His cousin reportedly fled during the attack.  The manager of an area business witnessed the attack and went outside to see what was going on.  The suspects fled, but he followed from a distance and was ultimately the one to identify those involved. 

The three who were positively identified were booked for Investigation of Robbery, and two of them were also found to be in possession of Crack Cocaine, so they were also booked for Investigation of Violation of Uniform Control Substances Act. 

In addition, a female who was reportedly one of the suspect’s girlfriend, and who became irate when her boyfriend was detained was found to have a $1500 Seattle Municipal Warrant, for which she was also booked.