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Man assaulted at 4th and Union

On 5/9/10, at approximately 1:00 a.m., officers responded to what was initially reported as a double stabbing.  Upon arrival, officers contacted the victims who then pointed out the suspect.   The suspect complied with instructions and proned out on the ground.  However his girlfriend, fueled by Grey Goose, apparently believed she might be bullet-proof, as she stood between the officers and the suspect and ignored orders to move. 

When the officer moved laterally in order to cover the suspect, the female went so far as to move with him and continued to place herself in the line of fire.  Eventually, another officer was able to pull the woman away so the suspect could be arrested.  It turned out that there was no stabbing.  The suspect had attacked and punched the victims, who had done nothing to provoke him in any way.  The suspect was arrested for assault and his girlfriend was arrested for Obstructing. Both we booked into King County Jail.