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Large disturbance in Georgetown, shots fired

On May 31st, at approximately 3:15 AM, South Precinct officers responded to 911 calls of a large fight disturbance and shots fired outside a dance/party in the 7000 Block of East Marginal Way South.  There had been a function held at that location and as it was ending, approximately 100 people were milling about in the parking lot.  Witnesses reported that a “melee” broke out in the crowd.  Reports were that at least 10 shots were fired and at least one person was struck by gunfire.  Witnesses also reported that at least one person was assaulted.  Officers responded to the scene but the victim(s) and suspect(s) had fled the scene in different directions in separate vehicles.  No one remaining at the scene could provide officers with any specific information.  Officers did an extensive area check for any victims or suspects and notifiied area hospitals in case any victims showed up for treatment (no one did).

Officers did recover shell casings from the parking lot.