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Man beaten on the street

On 8/8/10, at approximately 11:00 a.m., the victim (very intoxicated) was walking towards the Ferry Terminal.  It appears that he was hitting objects as he walked.  At one point someone (possibly the victim) broke a large plate glass window to an office in the ground floor of the building in which the suspect resides. 

The suspect had been watching the victim as he walked and was banging on cars.  It appears that the breaking of the plate glass window was the last straw.  The suspect came out of the building.  He walked up to the victim and hit him on the head. 

The blow knocked the victim to the ground, and knocked him out.  The suspect was not satisfied with this so he decided to kick the victim several times.  Officers stopped the suspect a little distance away from the incident. 

The suspect, a white male, 25- years-old was positively identified and arrested.  The victim is currently receiving treatment at the hospital.  The extent of his injuries are not known at the time.