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Intoxicated man shoots himself in the leg

On 9/3/10, at approximately 10:45 p.m., officers responded to a shots fired call in the 2300 block of 3rd Ave.  When officers arrived in the area they saw a male sitting in his vehicle with the driver side door open and his legs hanging out of the car.  Officers could see he was bleeding from his left leg.  Apparently, the subject accidently shot himself in the left calf area.  Officers recovered a Glock 27 with spent shell casing .

The subject told officers that he and his girlfriend were drinking earlier in the night.  They began to argue  (nature of argument unknown).   They decided to drive to Belltown.  The subject has a valid CCW and was carrying his Glock 27.  The man’s girlfriend decided that he had too much to drink so she hid his gun in her purse.  The man got his gun back because he heard “Belltown is dangerous”.

The man put the gun in his back pocket.  Then he decided the best place to conceal the gun was under his leg as he was driving.  He parked and as he was getting out of the car, he tried to grab the gun and the gun went off , striking the man in the leg. The man was transported to Harbor view Medical Center by medics.  No one else was injured by the shot.  The gun was recovered and placed into evidence.

The wound was not life threatening.  This is a perfect example of why drunken people should not carry guns.