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Shots fired downtown

On September 25th at approximately 12:57 a.m. officers responded to a 911 call of a fight disturbance at a gas station in the 600 block of Denny Way.  While enroute, the call was updated with a report that approximately six shots had been fired at the same location. 

When officers arrived, all involved parties were gone.  Witnesses reported that there had been two groups of males in an argument at the pumps.  It was reported that as one group began to drive away, a male from the other group approached the vehicle and used some type of object to break a window of the vehicle.  That vehicle pulled out onto Denny Way and one of the occupants of that vehicle then fired at least seven gunshots, before both vehicles left in opposite directions. 

There were no apparent victims, and as of this report none had come forward.  Officers also checked surrounding buildings and parked vehicles and found no noticeable damage that would’ve likely been attributed to the incident.  The descriptions of the involved vehicles was vague and neither was located.  The suspects remain at large.