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Abdominal thrust saves life

On October 6th an on-duty West Precinct patrol sergeant was having dinner at a restaurant on Alaskan Way.  The sergeant observed a man choking with people trying to provide assistance.  The sergeant radioed for Seattle Fire and began conducting  ‘standing abdominal thrusts’ (AKA Heimlich Maneuver).  The choking victim lapsed into unconsciousness.  The sergeant continued ‘standing abdominal thrusts’.  After what seemed like 45 seconds to a minute of continual thrust the airway opened and the victim regained consciousness. 

Seattle Fire arrived and treated the victim.  The SFD lieutenant  told the sergeant, “Don’t get a big head, but you saved that guy’s life.” 

The sergeant credited his SPD first aid training for providing him with the knowledge and confidence to take action.  To sign up for a first aid class in your area, click here.