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Shot fired, fight disturbance in Belltown, suspects arrested

On October 9th, at approximately 1:47 AM,  bicycle officers working the late night patrol emphasis in Belltown were on patrol. The officers heard a gunshot to the east of their location, in the 100 Block of Bell Street.  As the officers rode into the area to investigate, they observed security from a nightclub run into the alley.  The officers followed the security and saw that they were attempting to break up a fight between two men.  The officers took control of the situation and arrested both of the fighting suspects. They were then able to get the following story:

The two intoxicated suspects got into a mutual fight because one of the suspects had decided to rest on the other’s parked car.  During the fight each suspect alleged that a gun was displayed by the other suspect.  Officers conducted an extensive search of the area and could not locate a gun or a shell casing.  It is believed that the gun might have been passed off to an onlooker, or the shot may have been fired by a completely different suspect.  In either case, there were no injuries from the shot fired.  Both suspects sustained minor scrapes and cuts from the fight, but required no medical attention.