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Seattle Police arrest wanted fugitive

On October 12th, at approximately 2:10 PM, Seattle Police responded to a shoplifter in custody call at a grocery store in the 2700 Block of NE 45th Street.  The call stated that store security had contacted an individual suspected of shoplifting, but had trouble verifying his identification.  The man gave store security a false name and no date of birth.  Unable to verify his identity, store security called police.  North Precinct officers responded and spoke to the suspect.  He provided them with his true name and birthdate.  That information was checked, and the information came back that the man was a wanted fugitive out of Florida.  The warrants were verified and the 26 year old man was taken into custody.  He was later booked into the King County Jail. Detectives  from St. John’s County Sheriff’s Department, Florida, are enroute to Seattle to speak with the suspect on their investigation.