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Food Drive a great success!

The Seattle Police Department did not win the coveted “Hammy” award this year in the contest between Communication Centers.  However, NW Harvest was certainly a winner based on all that was donated during the contest.  The total food and money collected, as well as the spirit of the event, is both noteworthy and commendable.

Here is a listing of the participants and the totals accumulated:

King County Sheriff’s Office’s total number of food items was 1,782.

NORCOM’s total number of food items was 2,317.

The Seattle Police Department’s total number of food items was 1,990 plus $661.90 which could have been turned into between 1,324 ($.50 cans) to 4,042 ($3.93 per case of ramen) items for a total between 2,514 to 6,032 items.

Valley Communications’ total number of food items was 6,988. 

Congratulations to Valley Communications, the winner of the Hammy — and our sincere thanks to all those who contributed to a great cause!