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Thief brings stolen property to jail

West Precinct Burglary/Theft detectives are investigating a burglary at a First Hill condominium building at the border of the West and East Precincts.  The two suspects, a man and a woman, reportedly followed a tenant into the lockout building in order to gain access and remain, looking for suitable target areas and items. 

After obtaining surveillance images of the suspects, the case detective disseminated an electronic bulletin with images of the probable offenders.  Within 30 minutes of the detective emailing the bulletin internally, East Precinct Bike Team officers identified one of the two persons pictured.  The man is a known felon who frequents areas in both the East and West Precincts and has been arrested numerous times in both.

The case detective took this new information and learned that the subject was in King County Jail, having been arrested recently on an outstanding Department of Corrections felony warrant (the subject is on active probation and violated it) near Freeway Park five days after the First Hill burglary.  The detective also discovered that the subject’s personal property logged in at the jail included items linking him to the First Hill burglary.  The detective will be pursuing charges against this individual based upon the new information.  The detective continues to investigate the identity of the female accomplice.