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All in a day’s work

The Aggressive Driver Response Team (ADRT) regularly conducts speed enforcement patrols city-wide in accordance with the Traffic Unit’s mission to promote traffic safety through the vigorous enforcement of city and state traffic laws.

On March 3rd ADRT officers on patrol around the city issued the following tickets:

West Seattle Bridge – 45 mph zone: one at 77 mph, one at 65 mph and one at 62 mph.

Highland Park Way SW – 30 mph zone: one at 52 mph and one at 51 mph.

SW Admiral Way – 30 mph zone: one at 52 mph and one at 50 mph.

East Marginal Way South – 35 mph zone: one at 83 mph!

On March 4th an ADRT officer on patrol on the West Seattle Bridge (a 45 mph zone) issued the following speeding tickets:

one at 72 mph, one at 70 mph, one at 67 mph, three at 65 mph and one No Proof of Insurance ticket.

On another patrol on a stretch of Highway 99, a 50 mph zone, the following tickets were issued: 

one at 79 mph and one at 70 mph. 

Aggressive drivers beware!  The ADRT squad is out roaming the streets and may be coming to a neighborhood near you!