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Message to employees re: Department of Justice review

Chief John Diaz sent the following message to Department employees upon learning of the Department of Justice’s decision to conduct an investigation into the Seattle Police Department.

I have just been informed that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has authorized an investigation of our department regarding biased policing and use of force concerns.   

I have been assured that there are no preconceived outcomes.  This announcement follows a preliminary investigation conducted by the DOJ during which they thanked us for our transparency and cooperation.  The DOJ looks forward to working with us to strengthen our department.  

I view this as an opportunity to take advantage of an independent audit by a highly respected law enforcement entity.  I look forward to the feedback that they will provide regarding our existing policies and procedures and I know that any recommendations made will be based upon research, best practices and sound principles. 

This is a great police department, but even the best police department can benefit from external review if the only result is an increase in public trust.