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Disturbance, robbery in Golden Gardens Park, suspects arrested

On April 21st, at approximately 9:40 PM, about a dozen juveniles were hanging out in Golden Gardens Park.  The group was approached by three adult males who began walking around the group acting “suspiciously.”  Several of the teens approached the suspects and asked them what they wanted.  The three suspects began an unprovoked attack on the group.  The suspects began punching the victims.  Both male and female victims were assaulted by the suspects.  During the melee, one suspect grabbed a purse lying on the ground.  The other two suspects continued to assault the group, so the other suspect could get away with the purse.  The three suspects then fled.  They climbed into a Dodge Caravan and attempted to drive away.  A North Precinct officer arrived at the park and prevented the van from leaving the parking lot.  The three suspects were arrested after being positively identified.  Six juvenile victims were identified. None of the victims had serious injuries, and no victim  required any medical treatment.    The stolen purse was recovered and returned to the owner.  The three suspects, all 18 years old, were later booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Robbery.  Detectives will now handle the follow up investigation.