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Gun violence at party, stolen handgun recovered

On June 12th at around 3:50 a.m., North Precinct patrol officers responded to a noise complaint in the 5000 block of 19th Avenue NE.  Upon arrival they were confronted by 30-40 belligerent party goers out in the street.  Officers then heard what sounded like a gunshot which they believed emanated from northwest of that location.  This was immediately followed by dozens of subjects running southbound from the alley west of the 5200 block of 19th Avenue NE.  Some of the subjects reported having been shot at. 

While officers attempted to investigate the shooting, the large crowd of party goers became hostile prompting a call for additional police units.  Officers from other North Precinct sectors, East Precinct and UWPD responded quickly and regained control of the scene.  Containment was established and a canine unit responded to track the shooting suspect(s).  No shooting victims or property damage was located.  However, officers found and recovered a backpack that had been stuffed under a car parked a block away.  Officers opened the backpack and found a stolen handgun.  It is not known if the recovered firearm was used in the shooting.  Officers placed it into evidence for forensic examination.  The suspect(s) remain at large.