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Impromptu creation of a drive thru-bank

On 6/23/11, at approximately 11:38 p.m, two vehicles made their way south on 2nd Avenue approaching Union Street.  Although the drivers differ in their accounts of what happened, what is known is that one of the vehicles, a yellow cab, added a drive through to a Chase bank branch. 

The cab driver stated he didn’t know what had happened, but something slammed into him, sending him over the sidewalk and into the lobby of the bank.  The other driver says she was driving southbound when the cab suddenly sideswiped her and veered off the road. There were no independent witnesses to the collision. 

Building engineers declared the bank to be structurally sound before the vehicle was removed.  

There were no injuries, and it is likely that surveillance from the building will reveal who the guilty party is.  The bank and building managers would certainly like to know who is paying for the extensive damage.