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Fire set to traffic sign


On 7/2/11, at approximately 2:40 a.m, officers responded to an Arson call in the 100 block of Harvard Ave E.  The complainant had called 911 to report that someone had tried to set a building on fire.

According to a witness, two suspects had been standing near a disused traffic sign behind a fast food establishment on Broadway. The male suspect was playing with a lighter and set fire to the sign.  They had initially started to run away, but the witness, yelled at them, telling them to put the fire out.  The main suspect and his companion had then used their drinks and a coat to try and extinguish the flames.  They were unsuccessful, so they went back to their original plan and fled the area on foot.

Seattle Fire Dept personnel responded and put the fire out with very little effort.  Fire Marshal 5, responded to the scene.  SPD Arson Bomb screened the call via telephone.

Suspects descriptions:

S1: Asian male, 20’s ,503 tall, 130 pounds (thin build) Black Hair, Dark clothing

S2: White female 20’s 501 tall 110 pounds (thin build) Blonde Hair (styled short) Long- sleeved black shirt, light-colored short skirt, knee socks with sneakers.