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Demonstration on Capitol Hill

On November 2nd at approximately 12:15 p.m. officers were on scene monitoring a demonstration at a bank in the 1500 block of 12th Avenue.  At approximately 3:00 p.m. five adult suspects (three males and two females) were arrested inside the bank for criminal trespassing.  The suspects had locked themselves together and prevented customers from accessing the bank teller counters.  The suspects refused to unlock themselves and leave the premises after several verbal warnings to do so from officers.

An adult male suspect who obstructed officers while they were trying to remove the suspects from the scene was arrested for obstructing a public officer.  He was interviewed and released from the precinct.   

The five suspects arrested inside the bank were transported to the East Precinct for processing and subsequently booked into the King County Jail for Criminal Trespassing.

At least 10 officers (nine officers and one sergeant) were physically assaulted while facilitating the removal of the arrested suspects from the scene.  Pepper spray was deployed to provide cover for the officers under attack and to disperse the assailants. 

At least two officers sustained minor injuries but did not require medical transportation.  One officer was struck in the chest by an empty beer bottle but was not injured.