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Message to shoppers, demonstrators

The Seattle Police Department would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  With Black Friday nearly upon us and in light of the ongoing Occupy Seattle demonstrations, the Seattle Police Department would like to remind the public that additional police patrols will be in the downtown shopping district to ensure the safety of all.

It is a critical mission for the department to protect people’s rights to demonstrate.  This includes providing traffic control and general police services to keep the peace.  It is equally important that people feel safe coming downtown to shop, dine or participate in one of the many holiday traditions that Seattle has to offer. 

To those wishing to commit crimes, know that your behavior will not be tolerated.  Vandalism, theft and assaulting our officers are among the offenses that will result in arrest.

The additional uniformed officers are deployed downtown for everyone’s benefit.  Whether your goal is to demonstrate for economic reform or to shop for the holidays, if you see uniformed officers out and about, please take the time to say hello.