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Protesters arrested for trespassing inside Capitol Hill building

On December 2nd  at approximately 5:30 pm,  Occupy Seattle protesters broke into an empty and locked building located in the 900 Block of  East Union Street. The protesters then decided to hold a benefit concert as a fundraiser and allowed people to enter the building. Third watch East Precinct  officers attempted to make contact with the protesters. The protesters closed and locked the door. They then barricaded the door from the inside. While the officers were at the door, protest members were on the roof and began spitting on them. The officers withdrew. The owner of the building was contacted and he stated that the protesters did not have permission to enter or remain in the building. The owner has a signed trespass agreement with the Seattle Police Department.  A little after 3:00 am, officers responded to the building and contained it. At 3:24 am officers gave an announcement for all parties to leave the building. The order was  repeated  at 3:33 am with a second announcement.  At 3:41 officers entered the building through an open door. Once inside  one more announcement was made and officers asked the people to leave. Officers then cleared the building. Officers located and arrested sixteen people inside the building. All 16 were subsequently booked into KCJ for Criminal Trespass. Officers then secured the building and notifiied the owner.