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Repeat Burglar sentenced to 120 months

Amanda Tucker was sentenced today in Judge Michael Hayden’s courtroom for the 23 felony counts that she plead guilty to on January 12, 2012. 

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney (DPA) Mafe Rajul was able to get Tucker to admit to two Aggravating Factors as part of the plea agreement.  The request from the prosecutor was 84 months followed by a 12 month community custody.

DPA Rajul had six victims that agreed to appear at the sentencing address the court to describe the impact of the crimes that Tucker committed on them.  They were passionate and genuine as they described the devastating impact of the burglaries Tucker committed and the lasting effects of those crimes. 

Additionally, police investigators from the Seattle, Federal Way and Renton police departments were in the courtroom for the sentencing.

Seattle Police Detective Dain Jones addressed the court on behalf of the Department and the victims.  Seattle Police Detective Steve Owings had sent in his written remarks which were read to the court by DPA Rajul. 

Tucker cried and apologized to the victims for her crimes and her defense attorney addressed the court asking for leniency due to her past which the attorney represented as one filled with physical, sexual and drug abuse.

Judge Hayden sentenced Tucker to 120 months which is the maximum allowed under the Exceptional Sentencing guidelines

SPD Detectives Jones and Owings are to be commended for their great work in not only investigating the Seattle crimes but working with investigators from the other agencies involved and their compassionate outreach to the victims.

DPA Rajul should be commended for her extraordinary work in the prosecution of this case which involved multiple victims spread across multiple jurisdictions throughout King County.  Her dedication and expertise resulted in the acknowledgement from Tucker of the two Aggravating Factors that were instrumental in the decision by Judge Hayden to impose the 120 month sentence.