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Community Policing at its Finest

On February 22nd at approximately 6:30 p.m. a 36-year-old mother with two children, ages 8 and 12, walked into the West Precinct lobby and asked the front desk officer for the Community Police Team sergeant.  The woman had been told by a shelter staff member that the sergeant could assist them with finding shelter for the night.  

The sergeant was not at the precinct so the front desk officer called the Community Police Team (CPT) office and contacted Officer McLaughlin.  CPT Officers Chad McLaughlin and Dave Hockett made the appropriate phone calls and arranged shelter for the woman and her children for the night. 

Officer McLaughlin then transported the family to the shelter location.  While enroute to the shelter the eight year old child mentioned to her mother she was hungry.  The mother’s reply was, “I know, sorry honey.”

When Officer McLaughlin arrived at the shelter location he asked the staff member if they had any food available and the answer was no.  Officer McLaughlin then offered to buy the family dinner.  He  escorted the family to a nearby deli and spent $32.00 out of his own pocket to ensure the family had some food for the night and did not  go to bed hungry.

Officer McLaughlin is to be commended for his compassion and willingness to help total strangers in a time of need.  

Officer McLaughlin has refused to be reimbursed by the police department for his personal expenses. 

This is Community Policing at its best!