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Two brothers arrested for assault, assault on officer

On March 20th, at approximately 6:15 pm, West Precinct officers responded to an assault call at 3rd Avenue and Lenora Street.  The victim’s boyfriend followed the suspects to the area of 6th Avenue and Pine Street.  The boyfriend relayed the location of the suspects to the primary officer via cellphone, who in turned directed other officers into the area.

Two West Precinct officers took one of the suspects into custody for the original assault on two separate females at 3rd and Lenora.  The victim’s did not know their attackers.  According to the victim, the suspect was accompanied by two other males at the time of the assault.

As officers were taking  the one suspect into custody, they observed another male standing nearby observivng the arrest and looking angry.  It was clear that the man watching was acquainted with the now arrested suspect. It was later determined that the two men are brothers.  The primary officer, still with the original victim at 3rd and Lenora, instructed the officers at 6th and Pine to detain any associates of the suspect.  As the officer approached the man on the sidewalk, he began to walk away.  He was told to stop several times, but refused.  The officer attempted to physically detain the suspect.  The suspect struck the officer several times with a closed fist.  The officer was able to defend himself and wrestle the suspect to the ground, where he was taken into custody.  The victims later responded to the arrest scene at 6th and Pine and positively identified the suspects.

The officer was checked out at a local hospital for evaluation of hand, face and neck pain, and released to full duty a short time later.  The first suspect, a 25 year old suspect, was booked into the King County for two counts of Investigation of Assault.  The second suspect had narcotics in his possession and displayed symptoms of recent narcotics use while in custody.  The 29 year old suspect was later booked into the King County Jail for   Investigation of Assault (on a Police Officer)  and Investigation of VUCSA.