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Thieves Steal 2,000-Pound Gear From Queen Anne Machine Shop

In two different incidents this week, thieves broke into a machine shop on lower Queen Anne and made off with thousands of pounds of metal.

In the latest break-in Thursday night, the suspect or suspects stole a 2,000-pound gear from the machine shop in the 1000 block of Elliot Ave W.

The burglar or burglars also broke into the business Wednesday and stole a three-foot, 100-pound antique boat anchor and another 450-pound metal gear.

The owner of the business told officers he believes the thieves will likely try to sell the gears and anchors as scrap metal.

In recent years, scrap metal theft has become a problem in neighborhoods like Georgetown, Delridge, and other parts of the city,

In order to combat scrap metal theft and reduce property crime in Seattle, Mayor Mike McGinn and the Seattle Police Department are working to tighten regulations on businesses that buy and sell used goods, like metal.

Scrap metal recyclers are not currently required to report purchases to police, making it difficult for SPD to combat scrap metal theft. Mayor McGinn’s legislation would require businesses to photograph all purchased items, and comply with the police department’s No Buy List, which includes the names of over 1900 criminals previously convicted of property crimes, who are prohibited from selling items to metal recyclers or other used goods dealers.