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Update to drive by shooting investigation

During the drive by shooting investigation, officers made contact via telephone with the father of the  registered owner of the suspect vehicle. The father was cooperative and stated that one of his sons may have had possession of the car during the shooting.   This is an individual that South Precinct officers are very familiar with. Officers were able to contact that person and he agreed to meet with officers at the South Precinct.

The 19 year old son arrived at the precinct and met with the investigating officers.  He gave officers permission to search the vehicle.  According to the father, the suspect had long hair earlier in the day, but shaved it prior to coming into the precinct.  The 19 year old suspect was placed under arrest for the drive by shooting.  There may be two other suspects still outstanding.   The vehicle was turned over to the father.  The suspect was later booked into the King County Jail.  This remains an on going investigation.