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Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

On 4/13/12, officers with the Commerical Vehicle Enforcement Squad conducted 8 inspections:

2 Trucks Out of Service

Air Brake Hose Crimped

Emergency Spring Brake, fail to set


Documented Violations

1 Fail to Prevent Shift of Load

1 Windshield broken

1 Windshield fluid empty

1 Follow too Close

1 Brake Light inoperable

3 Fire Extinguisher

1 Battery Cover, not secured

1 Empty fluid reservoir, power steering

2 Tractor protection valve, inoperable

4 Conspicuity, trailer

3 Conspicuity, Cab

1 Brake, out of adjustment

1 DOT Marking, fail to provide

2 Conspicuity, mud flaps

1 Insufficient Tread Depth

1 Prohibited left turn

1 Brake, Air Hose damaged, crimp

1 Cab Parts, loose structure

1 Headlight, out

1 Inadequate Protection, hydraulic fluid reservoir

1 License, improper display

1 Triangle, inaccessible

1 Triangle, fail to deploy on blocking traffic breakdown


2 Citations

Follow too Close

License, vehicle, fail to register