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Commercial Vehicle Enforcement


Officers from the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Squad inspected 6 commercial trucks on Thursday, April 12, 2012. 

Areas worked:

Terminal 18

South Spokane Street and West Marginal Way Southwest


2 trucks placed Out of Service for:


Kinked Brake Hose


Documented Violations:

1 Cell Phone

2 Stop Sign

1 Fail to Yield

9 Retro-reflective

1 No mud flaps

1 Unsecured Cab part on frame

1 Brake lights defective – Cab

1 Brake lights defective – Trailer

1 Improper markings – DOT

1 Improper marking, size

1 Overweight on Tandem Axle

1 Unsecured load

1 License Plate, unlawful display

1 Expired tonnage

1 Kink in brake hose

1 Unsecured headlight

1 Fuel cap, unsecured

1 Unsecured light, trailer

1 Air Leak, brake system


5 Citations were issued for:

1 Overweight, tandem axle (12,760 lbs)

1 Cell Phone

2 Stop Sign

1 R/W Left Turn

The documented violations will be forwarded to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and will count as “strikes” against the company, the driver, and the carrier.

The Seattle Police Department encourages all commercial motor vehicle operators  to be familiar with and obey all local and state laws and all federal motor carrier safety regulations.