Commerical Vehicle Enforcement

On April 18, 2012, officers from the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Squad inspected 10 commercial trucks.   

Area worked

3400 block of East marginal Way South

Documented Violations

5-No retro reflective tape on tractor mud flaps

4-No retro reflective tape on rear of cab

2-No retro reflective tape on rear trailer

3-Broken locking devices on IC load secure pins

4-No/Improper tractor markings

2-Faulty brake protection valves

1-Loose bolts on frame

3-Headlamps unsecured

4-Inoperative clearance/ID lights

2-Unprotected brake lines

2-Air suspension leak

2-Tires below minimum tread depth

1-Driver fail to properly inspect load

 Out of Service Violations

3-Inoperative signal lamps

1-Unsecured load (pin not fully engaged