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Man Takes Police On Wild Ride Through The Central District

Bottles were thrown, cars crashed, sparks flew, and a felon was arrested with a gun late after a family dispute at a Central District home turned ugly Thursday night.

Around 11pm on May 18, SPD received reports of a loud argument, a man carrying a gun, and someone yelling “call police” at a home near 26th Avenue and S. King Street.

The very intoxicated suspect, arrested Thursday, had shown up at the home to talk to a woman there. When the family at the home asked the man to leave, he began threatening them. He then retrieved several bottles from a recycling bin and began throwing them at the ground outside the house.

As officers arrived at the scene, they saw the suspect speeding away in a silver Hyundai. The suspect drove up onto the sidewalk, nearly hitting two people, then veered back into the street, where he slammed into a parked car. Undeterred by the crash, the suspect kept on driving.

With officers in hot pursuit, the suspect sped down 26th Avenue S, where he struck a second parked car, and kept on moving.

The suspect turned onto S. Lane Street, sped up a hill, drove over a traffic circle, and got his car caught on a sidewalk near 25th Avenue and S. Lane.

As officers pulled up behind the suspect, he threw his car into reverse, freeing himself from the curb. And then he sped off again.

The suspect flew down S. Jackson Street at high speed, sending a shower of sparks flying as he bottomed out at Martin Luther King Jr. Way S. He drove for one more block, to 28th Avenue and S. King Street, where pulled over, jumped out of the car and ran behind a house.

Officers caught up with the man and arrested him. Police also found a 9mm handgun lying in the back seat of the car.

Officers then booked the suspect—who is a convicted felon and unable to legally own a gun—into the King County Jail for investigation of felony harassment, attempting to elude police, and unlawful possession of a firearm.