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SPD Says Violence Has Made Georgetown Club a “Chronic Nuisance”

Another problem nightclub in the South Precinct could soon be facing stiff fines if the club’s owners don’t clean up their act.

Last week, the South Precinct’s Community Police Team sent a letter to the owners of a Georgetown property near E. Marginal Way S. and S. Myrtle Street, which houses the El Reventon nightclub, declaring the club a Chronic Nuisance Property.

Under the city’s Chronic Nuisance Property, the property owner could face fines of up to $25,000 if problems with violence, noise and other disturbances continue at the club continue.  El Reventon’s owners could also face the suspension or revocation of their business license.

Since February, police have responded to at least nine serious incidents in or around El Reventon.

On February 26, man beat his 18-year-old girlfriend in the club’s parking lot. A week later, on March 5, the man returned to the club and got into another fight.

On March 4, an 18-year-old woman was knocked unconscious during a fight with another woman inside El Reventon.

On March 11, a verbal dispute between two women inside the club escalated and turned violent. Both women threw drinks at each other, and one woman hit the other woman in the head with a bottle.

On March 18, officers had to step in and stop a fight outside El Reventon after two men squared off in the club’s parking lot. About an hour later, officers found a 17-year-old girl passed out in front of the club. She was taken to Harborview and treated for alcohol poisoning.

On March 25, a group of gang members confronted a rival gang member in the parking lot of El Reventon, threw up gang signs, and challenged him to a fight. One of the men in the group then pulled out a gun and fired a shot in the air. Officers later arrested the man who had fired the shot.

On April 28, two 15-year-old girls reported they may have been sexually assaulted after going to El Reventon. The teens, who were intoxicated, blacked out at the club. Witnesses later saw two men take the teens to a car in the club’s parking lot. The teens later went to a hospital to be medically screened for sexual assault.

On April 29, a group of teenage girls beat and kicked a 15-year-old girl following an argument at the club.

The city is now leaning on El Reventon’s landlords to force the club increase security and better train staff, in order to cut down on ongoing issues at the club. El Reventon is the second south end nightclub to receive a Chronic Nuisance letter since May. “We will continue to hold businesses accountable,” says South Precinct Lt. John Hayes. “Some of the activities at El Reventon are really sapping our resources in the precinct. We want the business to be successful, but we want it done in a way that compliments the greater community.”