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Robbery/carjacking in South Seattle early this morning, suspects caught

Just after 3:00 am this morning, the victim was parking his 2002 Toyota Camry on the street in the 11200 Block of 57 Avenue South.  He was approached by a young black female, who knocked on his driver’s side window, asking to use his phone.  When the victim looked up, the suspect sprayed him in the face with pepper spray.  The victim was pulled from his car and assaulted with fists and shoes and some type of stick by at least 7-10 juvenile males and females.  The victim’s car was taken by force by the group and driven off towards Beacon Avenue South.  Despite his head and body injuries, the victim was able to call 911.

King County Sheriff’s deputies happened to be in the area and stopped a group of juvenile males and females in the 11200 Block of Beacon Avenue South.  One in the group was covered in blood.  The deputies detained the group until Seattle officers arrived and took over the investigation.  The victim was contacted and medical treatment was summoned.

While this was going on, two SPD officers saw the victim’s vehicle at 53rd Avenue South and South Augusta.  The car had visible blood and damage to the windshield, and the driver attempted to slump down in the driver’s seat to avoid detection.  The car sped up when the driver saw the police, and turned into the driveway of a house in the 111oo Block of Beacon Avenue South, where the driver was immediately taken into custody.  Officers saw blood in the interior of the car.  The victim was able to positively identify three of the suspects detained as the suspect who sprayed him and one of the suspects who struck him with the stick.  There were two other juvenile females in the group stopped that the victim could not positively identify.  They were identified and released from the scene.  The victim was later transported to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of his injuries.  His car was turned over to family members after being contacted by officers.  The three suspects arrested, a 15 year old female, a 14 year old male, and a 17 year old male were later booked into the Youth Services Center for Investigation of Robbery/Carjacking.  At least 5-7 other black males and females remain at large.  Detectives will now conduct the follow up investigation.