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“Excuse me, sir, do these drugs belong to you?”

West Precinct Night Bicycle officers were conducting a narcotics operation in the 1500 block of 2nd Avenue shortly after midnight. During the operation officers established probable cause to arrest a 35 year old man for selling drugs. Officers contacted him and arrested him.

While being transported to the precinct the suspect secreted 23.9 grams of crack cocaine in the back seat of the patrol car. The suspect then kicked the patrol car’s left rear door, severely damaging it. He also threatened officers by stating that “every Blood out at 3 and P will take care of your asses”.

During a routine check of the back seat, officers found the crack cocaine and collected it.

The patrol vehicle had to be taken out of service because of the damage caused by the suspect. The property damage and his attempt to hide the crack was captured on the In Car Video (ICV).

The suspect was subsequently booked into King County Jail for the following charges: Investigation of VUCSA (PWI) Violation of the Uniform Control Substance Act-Possession With Intent to Sell , Investigation of Malicious Mischief,  and Investigation of Harassment and for a Department of Corrections detainer.