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Seattle Cops, Target Employees and Salvation Army Kids Gather to shop with a cop

Led by Chief John Diaz, North Precinct, Community Outreach and School Emphasis Officers were partnered with 25 kids in a 3-hour “Back-to-School” shopping marathon through Target’s “Shop-with-a-Cop” community giving program. The 25 kids were sponsored by the Salvation Army.

Seattle cops, kids and Northgate Target employees gathered in the snack area to pair up with their partners, get their $80 gift card and pickup shopping carts. Once equipped with their gears, cops and kids quickly strolled down the shopping aisles looking for school clothes and shoes, as Target employees pointed out locations of those items.

Community Outreach Officer Alex Chapackdee was partnered with a set of girl twins and was one of the last officers to check out of Target. “This is a great opportunity for us to engage with kids in a totally different environment,” he said. “And no – the twins did not get any matching outfits!”

North Precinct Sergeant Dianne Newsom was partnered with an extremely shy, 5-year old boy and his older brother. “It took about 59 minutes for my kid to say anything, but with the guidance of his older brother, he finally uttered a word with a smile at the very last minute to the hour.” “Sometimes, it takes a long while for kids to speak to officers, but that’s okay because we want them to know that they can always talk to us.”

“We, at Target, love to take part in these kinds of programs,” said Kyile Groenhout, executive team lead in Assets Protection. “In addition to the gift cards, Target is also donating snacks and goodie bags.”

The Seattle Police Department has been involved in Target’s “Shop-with-a Cop” program for three years, and continues to be proud partner with Salvation Army.