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Cookie Monster hat wearing drug dealer arrested

Anonymous tip leads to the arrest of a 23-year-old man for felony drug possession with intent sell. West Precinct officers were working emphasis in the area of 172 S. Washington St near Club Volume and vicinity which caters to the 18+ and rave crowds on Wednesday nights.  Underage drinking has been a problem in this area for the past few months.

On Wednesday night at approximately 11:30 p.m, an officer received an anonymous tip.   The tipster told the officer that a known drug dealer was in the area. He told the officer that the drug dealer “sells ecstasy that’s cut with something bad and he’s right over there” (pointing across the street).  

The officer then asked the tipster if he knew the name of this alleged drug dealer.  He told the officer he did and provided the man’s name to the officer.  The officer conducted a check of the subject’s name and located a match that was Department of Corrections active.  The male then showed the officer a picture of the subject by pulling up the man’s face book profile on his phone.  The Department of Corrections (DOC) photo and the face book picture matched. The tipster then told the officer that the male was wearing a Cookie Monster hat, which he almost always wears.  The man was wearing a Cookie Monster hat in the Face book photo the tipster showed the officer. 

The officer contacted a DOC officer and requested a check of the subject. Within a matter of minutes the DOC officer notified the officer that the subject was under active supervision and in violation of his DOC conditions.  The DOC officer requested the subject be arrested.

With this information officers began looking for the suspect.  Officers conducted a check of Club Volume where they had been told the suspect had gone twice.  

At roughly 12:30 a.m., an officer spotted the suspect who had just turned northbound into the alley to the west of Club Volume.  The man was wearing a blue cookie monster hat.   Officers converged and took him into custody in the alley without incident.  

A search incident to arrest yielded several capsules and baggies of loose powder from the suspect’s pants’ pocket.  It was later determined that the suspect was in possession of 59 capsules of ecstasy, 1 large capsule of THC,$97.00 cash and 7.7 grams of MDMA (in the US, MDMA is a Schedule I illicit drug with no accepted medical use or benefit, alongside LSD, cannabis, and heroin. The suspect was booked into King County Jail for his detainer and Investigation of (VUCSA – PWI). Violation of the Uniform Control Substance Act-Possession with Intent. The cash and narcotics were placed into evidence.