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Officers Find Bloody, Bullet-Riddled Car In the Central District

Police are trying to piece together how a bullet-riddled, bloody Volkswagen Jetta came to be parked in front of a Central District home Monday morning.

Around 7:30 am Monday, police got a call about the car, found parked in front of a driveway near 26th Avenue and E Yesler Way. The car had five bullet holes along the driver’s side, blood on the passenger seat, two shattered windows, and was missing a tire. No one was in the car.

Officers then found a trail of debris from the car—mostly fluid and small pieces that had fallen off the car—and tracked it all the way back to Colman Park near Lake Washington.

After checking through 911 records, officers learned there had been report of four to six gunshots in Colman Park about eight hours before the car was found.

Officers contacted the car’s owner to try and clear up what had happened, but the owner claimed the car was stolen Sunday night in south Seattle, about one hour before the reported shooting.

Officers knocked on the door of the home the car was found in front of, and spoke with a man who initially said he didn’t know anything about the car. He later admitted a woman he knows had shown up at his home, and said she’d been shot at and chased by another driver. He didn’t offer up much info about the woman’s identity. Police weren’t able to track down the woman.

The car was impounded and detectives are continuing to investigate the case.