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Shooting Suspect Arrested After Midnight Gunfight In the Central District

One Central District gang house has become a frequent enough target of shootings that, after another bout of gunfire last night, residents of the house were unable to tell officers which bullet holes on the outside of the home were new, and which were old.

Just before midnight Monday, police received a report of gunfire near the home, at 27th Avenue and E. Spring Street. When officers arrived at the home, a man came outside and said someone had shot through the front window of the house as he was sitting in the living room with his grandmother.

The man said someone had knocked on the door of the home, and then fired 6 or 7 shots at the house. The man then grabbed his own gun from inside the home and ran out to the porch, where he saw two male suspects running down the street.

One of the suspects turned around and again opened fire on the man. The man shot back, firing at least a half-dozen rounds at the suspects, who fled the scene in a tan Toyota Camry.

No one was injured in the exchange of gunfire.

A few minutes after the shooting, officers spotted the suspects’ car, along with one of the suspects, near 35th Avenue and E. Pine Street. Officers chased the suspect down an alleyway and arrested him. They also found a handgun in the alley.

Back at the home, the man who had opened fire on the suspects turned over his handgun to police, and showed officers that he had a valid license for his gun.

The case has been referred to the Gang Unit.