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How Is Tweets By Beat Working For You?

It’s been a whole month since the Seattle Police Department launched Tweets By Beat, and more than 8,000 people are now using the service to get information out about crimes happening in their neighborhoods.

So far, SPD’s 51 Tweets By Beat feeds have sent out more than 50,000 tweets about police responses across the city and we want to know: how is Tweets By Beat working for you?

Has using Tweets By Beat made you feel more informed about crime in your community? Gotten you more involved in a block watch or neighborhood group? Driven you to build a panic room in your basement?

We want your feedback about Tweets by Beat: is there anything we can do to make the service more user-friendly? Any questions about call types? We’ve had some requests for a glossary, so let us know if there’s cop-speak you’d like to see translated.

Email us with your questions at or tweet us @SeattlePD. Please also take a minute (seriously it takes, like, ONE minute) to take a answer a few questions about your experiences with, or perceptions of, the Seattle Police Department.

If you aren’t yet following your neighborhood police beat on Twitter, you can find more information on how to sign up here.