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Gunshots Lead Officers to Felon With a Warrant, Two Handguns

A bit of sleuthing and persistent door knocking by patrol officers late Saturday night led them to arrest a felon with a warrant and seize two handguns from his Rainier Beach home.

Around 10:30 pm on October 27th, police got a call about several men firing a gun from the back porch of a home on 63rd Avenue S. and S. Cooper Street.

When officers arrived at the home, they called the phone inside and knocked on the door, but no one answered.

Officers could see that four people were trying to hide in a kitchen on the second floor of the home, so they went back to knocking on the door.

Finally, after a full two minutes of door knocking, an 18-year-old man came outside.

The man, who was obviously intoxicated, told officers he didn’t know anything about any gunfire, and claimed no one else was inside the home.

The man was evasive when police asked him about the incident, and officers became concerned that someone in the home might have been injured.

Police then searched the home—which was littered with beer cans—and found three teenagers hiding in an upstairs bedroom. They were also intoxicated.

The teens also claimed no one had fired a gun from the home, but that story fell apart once officers found three shell casings behind the house. Officers then found a bullet on the floor of a bedroom, a loaded pistol in a closet, and another handgun inside a kitchen drawer.

Officers then called the 18-year-old man’s father, who told officers there shouldn’t be any guns in his house, and told police to take any guns they had found.

Officers also discovered the 18-year-old man was also wanted on a felony warrant and arrested him.