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Detectives Arrest 19-Year-Old Gang Member for September Drive-By

Gang Unit detectives have arrested a 19-year-old member of a south Seattle gang for wounding a member of a rival gang in a drive-by shooting in South Seattle in September.

For months, the 19-year-old man and members of his gang—the Insane Boyz—have been locked in a violent battle with members of the Tiny Raskal Gangsters.

In one violent incident between the two groups on September 5th, the 19-year-old man—a member of the Insane Boyz—shot a 17-year-old man in the leg as he was walking down the street, near 29th Avenue S. and S. Dawson.

The victim of the shooting refused to tell detectives who had shot him, detectives were able to gather some evidence at the scene and continued working the case.

After King County Prosecutors filed gun charges against the 19-year-old man earlier this month, SPD gang detectives arrested the man at his home on a warrant. After his arrest, 19-year-old then admitted to detectives he had shot and wounded the 17-year-old man.

The 19-year-old man is currently being held at the King County Jail for assault, drive-by shooting, and unlawful possession of a firearm.