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Wanted Burglar Arrested With Body Armor, Guns, Cash, and Fake Badge

Police are trying to figure out what a wanted felon—arrested in north Seattle last week—was doing with a car full of cash, guns, body armor, and a fake badge.

On January 7th, SPD Anti-Crime Team officers spotted the 48-year-old man—wanted for Department of Corrections burglary warrant—driving around north Seattle, and pulled him over near 8th Avenue and NE 70th Street.

Officers arrested the man on the warrant, and discovered he had a suspended license and was driving a car registered to someone else.

After noticing several backpacks and a snowboard in the back of the suspected burglar’s car, officers contacted the vehicle’s registered owner. The owner—who had put the car up for sale and was letting the suspect test drive it—then gave officers permission to search the vehicle.

Inside, police found all this:

and one of these:

All told, officers found over $10,000.00 in cash, an armored vest emblazoned with the word “sheriff”, zip ties, a security badge, and two loaded handguns.

When police booked the 48-year-old suspect into the King County Jail, they also found 6 grams of suspected heroin and 4 grams of suspected methamphetamine hidden in his underwear.

Police haven’t yet linked the man to any recent cases of officer impersonation in the Seattle area, but are investigating what he was up to.