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Officers Rescue Cat After Horrible Man Throws Her Into a Tree

Two Seattle police officers rescued a feline from the tree line on a north Seattle street last Saturday (take that, firefighters!).

Just before 10 pm on March 16th, a man and a woman were walking near N 80th Street and Densmore Ave N when they saw a man climb out of a Jeep and hurl a cat high into a tree on the west side of Densmore.

The man then realized two people were watching him, and “began looking around as if he was looking for the cat” before he climbed back in his Jeep and sped off, witnesses later told police.

Officers arrived at the scene and found the cat in between the tree and a fence. While the cat didn’t appear injured, officers took her to an emergency vet just to be sure. The cat was OK, and veterinary staff were able to reunite the cat with her owner.

Seattle Animal Control is now investigating the suspected cat hurler for animal cruelty.