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Robber Tries to Mug Limo Driver For Cash, Settles for Bottled Water

An armed robber refused to leave empty-handed after he tried to mug a cashless limo driver at knifepoint in Interbay late Saturday night.

At about 11:15 pm, the limo driver stopped at a red light near 15th and W. Dravus Street, when the suspect walked up to the limo and waved at the driver.

When the driver rolled down his window, the suspect walked up to the driver, stuck a knife in the driver’s face, and told him he wanted money.

The driver said he didn’t have any cash so the suspect looked around the limo, grabbed took a six-pack of bottled water and walked off.

The driver later told police the suspect was a white male, wearing a black jacket and black backpack, and described the suspect as “boyish.”

Officers searched the area for the suspect, but weren’t able to find the Boyish Bottle Bandit.