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Car Crash Sparks Gas Pump Fire On First Hill

clip_image002Seattle Police and Fire responded to a collision between a vehicle and gas pumps at the 76 Station in the 900 Block of James Street this morning around 9:15.   The collision resulted in a fire which was quickly extinguished.

The driver of the Lincoln told officers that he was driving westbound on James Street, in the far right lane and approaching the 76 Station when another vehicle cut him off and caused him to drive up onto the sidewalk, travel through the bushes, and then strike the gas pumps before stopping.  The force of the collision pushed the entire pump off its  foundation and immediately started a fire.  The driver of the victim vehicle was able to escape his car without injury.

When the collision occurred, another person was sitting in her vehicle, at the gas pumps, directly next to the pumps that had been struck.  The woman was able to get out of her car without injury as well, however, heat from the fire damaged her rental car.

Seattle Fire responded and put out the fire quickly.  The 900 Block of James Street was closed to westbound  traffic for about an hour.